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Closed Tenders Page

IPD-012/15/16       Construction of Mwaneni Sport Field 

IPD-013/15/16       Construction of Mjila Sports Field

IPD-109/14/15       Supply and Delivery of Traffic Clothing

IPD-108/14/15       Supply, delivery and installation of a parkhome for office and storage purposes.

COMM-107/14/15   Supply and delivery of trailer

IPD-106/14/15      Design,supply,delivery and installation of sign boards

IPD-101/14/15      Supply and installation of electricity at Kevelaer

MM-104/14/15      Supply and delivery of soccer equipment for mayors cup

COMM-099/14/15  Supply and delivery of wood chip hopper with 180 M3 capacity.

COMM-063/14/15  Supply and delivery of 1 single cab bakkie to Ingwe Municipality

CORP-102/14/15   Invitation to tender MFMP training 6 councillors

MM-112/14/15      Supply,delivery and installation of a parkhome with 3 offices

MM-110/14/15      Supply and Delivery of Groceries for Public service week

MM-111/14/15      Supply and Delivery of Gifts for Disable and Senior Citizens

> Invitation to Quote Provision of Vehicle Towing Service  - Tender CORP-045/14/15 

> Supply and Delivery of Advanced Communication Solution  - Proposal No: 004/14/15

> Supply And Delivery and erecting steel palisade Fencing  - Quote No: 040/14/15

> Fencing for Lot 95, Creighton Hall, Landfill Site and Paddocks - Tender IPD-037/14/15;IPD-   038/14/15;IPD-039/14/15;IPD-041/14/15

> Supply, Delivery and Installation of 2 Parkhomes - Tender No: IPD-033/24/25

> Development of Planning Scheme - Bid No: IPD-035/14/15

> Consultant of Pawane and Msomi Access Road - Tender IPD-98/13/14

> Palisade Fencing at Kilmon Taxi Rank - Quote No: IPD-032/14/15

> Supply and Deliver  5 Laptops - Tender No: MM-007/14/15

> Sports Equipment for the Office of the Mayor - Quote No: MM-034/14/15

> Supply and Installation of Tank and Stand - Quote No: IPD-024/14/15

> Supply Tank and Stand for Bulwer Taxi Rank - Quote No: IPD-023/14/15

> Gravelling of Bio-Fuel site yard in Donnybrook - Quote No: IPD 028/14/15

> Remove, Supply and fit of existing ceiling board - Quote No: IPD=021/14/15

> Supply, Install and Painting of Kilmon Sport Field - Quote No: IPD-025/14/15

> Remove, Supply and fit Ceiling Bhambatha hall - Quote No: IPD-022/13/14

> Supply and Delivery of Logger - Tender No: COMM-026/14/15

> Compile HR strategy and Qualification Verification - Tender No: CORP-027/14/15

> Supply and Delivery of 1x250D Single Cab Bakkie  - BID No: IPD-020/14/15

> Supply and Delivery of Refuse Truck with Compactor - Tender No: IPD-019/14/15

> Mpumulwane, Seaford & Nkumba Community Hall Construction - Tender No: IPD-029/14/15; IPD-30/14/15;IPD-031/14/15

> Mangwaneni & Ndumakude Community Hall Construction - Tender No: IPD-013/14/15  : IPD-014/14/15

> Construction of Sawoti and Mncwabe Access Road - Tender No: IPD-011/14/15 : IPD-012/24/15

>Advert for airconditioning for Ingwe Municipality - Tender No: IPD-12/13/14

>Advert for refuse truck -Tender No: IPD-24/13/14

>Appointment of engineering consultant at Risk for Nyazi Access Road -Tender No: IPD-065/14/15

>Provide transport for the Ingwe Municipality's Animal Pound -Tender No: COMM-054/14/15

>Advert for clearing of vegetation on the cape natal branch line -Tender No: IPD 066/14/15

>Compilation of Newsletter -Tender No: MM 056/14/15

>Formulation of SMME Developement & Co-operatives support plan -Tender No: COMM 036/14/15

>Provision for electrification service -Tender No: IPD 048/14/15

>Provision for plant hire -Tender No: IPD 049/14/15

>Reviewing of IDP for 2015....2016 -Tender No: MM 059/14/15

>Supply and Delivery of Agricultural material for poverty alleviation projects - Tender No: COMM 058/14/15

>Supply and Delivery of Crafters Material - Tender No: COMM 064/14/15 

>Supply and Delivery of Diaries (2) - Tenders No: CORP 053/14/15

>Supply and Delivery of Kwanaloga Games Sportswear - Tender No: COMM 058/14/15 

>Supply and Delivery of Municipal Calendars - Tender No: COMM 055/14/15

>Supply and Delivery of protective clothing for EPWP Staff - Tender No: IPD 057/14/15

>Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing - Tender No: IPD-043/14/15

>Training service of 22 councillors for Leadership Skills - Tender No: CORP-044/14/15

>Supply and delivery of ride mower - Tender No: IPD-045/14/15

>Supply, delivery and installation of office furniture for parkhomes - Tender No: CORP-052/14/15

>Training service of 22 councillors for Communication Skills - Tender No: CORP-061/14/15

>Supply delivery and installation of 2 parkhomes - Tender no: IPD-003/14/15

BTO-085/14/15    CPMD

IPD-085/14/15     Appointment of service provider for renovation of Bulwer Community hall and Library

IPD-088/14/15     Appointment of service provider for renovation of municipal house lot 95 Creighton

IPD-087/14/15    Appointment of service provider for renovation of Municipal Main Building Creighton

IPD-086/14/15     Appointment of service provider for renovation of Old Municipal Building

IPD-092/14/15     Renovation of Ingwe Municipal Pound

CORP-089/14/15  Service of a Car Wash For Municipal Vehicles

MM-093/14/15     Appointment of Service Provider to Assist in Performance Management System

MM-090/14/15     Supply, Delivery and Installation of Office Furniture for Parkhomes

IPD-009/14/15    Construction of Mncane sosibo community hall

MM-090/14/15    Supply and delivery of office furniture for parkhomes

MM-094/14/15    Co-sourced internal auditing

BTO-095/14/15   Compilation of Annual Financial Statements

IPD-096/14/15    Supply, Delivery and Erection of steel Palisade Fencing of Creighton Main Offices to include the Train

CORP-097/14/15  Grazing

IPD-070/14/15    Construction of Msomi access road 








                              >>>>>>>         Closing Registers         <<<<<<<


COMM-54/14/15   :Appointment of a service provider to provide transport for the Ingwe Mun Animal Pound

IPD-98/13/14      :Appointment of engineering consultant for Pawane and Msomi Access Roads 

CORP-027/14/15  :Compilation of HR Strategy and Qualification Verification

MM-056/14/15     :Compilation of Newsletter

IPD-013/14/15     :Construction of Magwaneni Community Hall 

IPD-009/14/15     :Construction of Mncwabe Access Road

IPD-29/14/15       :Construction of Mpumulwane Community Hall

IPD-014/14/15     :Construction of Ndumakude Community Hall

IPD-031/14/15     :Construction of Nkumba Community Hall

IPD-011/14/15     :Construction of Sawoti Access Road

IPD-030/14/15     :Construction of Seaford Community Hall

IPD-003/14/15     :Corp- Supply and Delivery of 2 Parkhomes for offices

IPD-035/14/15     :Development of a planning scheme for the urban areas and rural land use management policy

IPD-036/14/15     :Development of SMME Support Plan

IPD-028/14/15     :Gravelling of Bio-Fuel site yard in Donnybrook

MM-015/14/16     :Layout, Design, printing of IDP booklet for Ingwe Municipality

IPD-048/14/15     :Provision for electrification service 2

IPD-049/14/15     :Provision of Plant Hire

IPD-021/14/15     :Remove and installation of existing ceiling of Khukhulela Community Hall

IPD-022/14/15     :Renovations of Bhambatha Community Hall

MM-059/14/15     :Reviewing of IDP for Ingwe Municipality 2015...2016

MM-007/14/15     :Supply and Delivery of 5 laptops

MM-002/14/15     :Supply and Delivery of 1000 Food Packs

MM-018/14/15     :Supply and Delivery of 1000 Foood Packs

CORP-053/14/15  :Supply and Delivery of Diaries

COMM-026/14/15 :Supply and Delivery of Logger

COMM-062/14/5   :Supply and Delivery of Kwanaloga Games Sportswear

CORP-055/14/15  :Supply and Delivery of Municipal Calendars

CORP-052/14/15  :Supply and Delivery of office furniture for parkhomes

COMM-058/14/15 :Supply and Delivery of Poverty Alleviation Projects

IPD-057/14/15    :Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing for EPWP Staff

IPD-043/14/15    :Supply and Delivery of Protective Clothing

IPD-019/14/15    :Supply and Delivery of refuse truck with compactor for Ingwe Municipality

IPD-046/14/15    :Supply and Delivery of ride mower

MM-034/14/15    :Supply and Delivery of Sports Equipment for office of the Mayor

IPD-023/14/15    :Supply and Installation of tank and stand at Bulwer Taxi Rank

IPD-024/14/15    :Supply and Installation of tank and stand at Magqubeni Community Hall

IPD-038/14/15    :Supply, delivery and erection of concrete palisade fencing for Creighton Landfill Site

IPD-039/14/15    :Supply, delivery and erection of fencing of Municipal Paddocks

IPD-037/14/15    :Supply, delivery and erection of steel palisade fencing for Municipal House Lot 95 

CORP-004/14/15 :Training service of 22 councillors for leadership skills

CORP-061/14/15 :Training service of 22 councillors for communication skills

CORP-008/14/15 :Training service of 12 officials for office administration

COMM-017/14/15 :Training service for ward committees in project management

COMM-016/14/15 :Training service for ward committee secretaries on report writing and minutes taking

IPD-025/14/15     :Supply, Install and Paint of Kilmon Sportfield

IPD-032/14/15     :Supply, delivery and installation of concrete palisade fencing of Kilmon Taxi Rank

IPD-033/14/15     :Supply, delivery and installation of 2 parkhomes for offices

IPD-040/14/15     :Supply, delivery and erection of steel palisade fencing of municipal house Lot 87

IPD-041/14/15     :Supply, delivery and erection of steel palisade fencing for Municipal House Lot 95

IPD-070/14/15     :Construction of Msomi Access Road

IPD-069/14/15     :Construction of Pawane Access Road

IPD-074/14/15     :Consultant For Sportfield

MM-071/14/15     :Layout, Design and Preparation for Printers of annual report for ingwe 20132014 

IPD-065/14/15     :Nyazi Access Road

MM-072/14/15     :Proposal for reviewing of spatial development framework

IPD-078/14/15     :Renovation of Esikhesheni Comm Hall

IPD-081/14/15     :Renovation of Khethokuhle Comm Hall

IPD-079/14/15     :Renovation of Khethokuhle Comm Hall

IPD-080/14/15     :Renovation of Sawoti Comm Hall

IPD-077/14/15     :Renovation of Tars Valley Comm Hall

COMM-064/14/15  :Supply an Delivery of Crafters Material 

IPD-075/14/15     :Supply and Delivery of Building Material of Renovation of Halls

BTO-067/14/15    :Supply Chain Management Training

IPD-012/14/14     :Construction of Mncwabe Access Road

IPD-037/14/15     :Fencing of Municipal House LOT 95

IPD-020/14/15     :Supply and Delivery of 1 single cab

CORP-004/14/15  :Supply, Delivery and Installation of a wireless Switchboard system

IPD-046/14/15    : Supply and Delivery of Ride On Mower

IPD-086/14/15    :Renovation of Old Municipal Building

IPD-088/14/15    :Renovation of Municipal House LOT 95 

IPD-087/14/15    :Renovation of Main Building 

IPD-085/14/15    :Renovation of Bulwer hall and Library

BTO-084/14/15   :CPMD Training Programme

MM-093/14/15    :Assist in Performance Management System

BTO 067/12/13 SCM Training

BTO 068/12/13 Advanced Excel Training

CORP 076/14/15 Training services of 11 delegates on fire fighting

IPD 075/14/15 Building material for renovations of community halls

IPD 073/14/15 Design and project management of access roads project

IPD 074/14/15 Design and project management of sports field projects

IPD 078/14/15 Service provider to provide labour for the renovation of Esikhesheni Community hall 

IPD 080/13/14 Service Provider to Provide Labour for the Renovation of Sawoti Community Hall

IPD 077/14/15 Service provider to provide labour for the renovation of Tars Valley Community Hall

IPD 079/13/14 Service provider to provide labour for the renovations of Masamini Community Hall

IPD 081/14/15 Service Provider to Supply Labour for Renovation of Khethokuhle Community Hall

CORP-004/14/15 Supply, Delivery and Instalation of a wireless switchboard system

IPD-045/14/15  Supply and delivery of ride mower

COMM-083/14/15 Training for 30 SMME's in technical skills

COMM-082/14/15 Training Services of 30 Caterers in Advanc Catering

IPD-073/14/15     Consultant for Access Road

IPD-074/14/15     Consultant for Sportfield

IPD-066/14/15     Clearing of Vegetation on the cape natal branch line

MM-059/14/15     Reviewing of IDP at Ingwe Municipality for 2015/20016 

COMM-036/14/15  Development SMME and Co- Operative plan

IPD-048/14/15      Provision for electrification service 

IPD-087/14/15     Renovation of Main Building




> Adjudicators for Arts and Culture-Quote NO: COMM-75/12/13

> Advanced Computer Training-Quote No: CORP-21/13/14

> Turnaround Plan of Rail Tourism-Quote No: COMM 113/13/14

> Architect for Curators Cottage-Quote No: CORP-7/12/13

> Assessment of Landfill Site-Quote No: BTO-009/13/14

> Asset Register-Quote No: BTO-84/13/14

> Biofuel Access Road-Quote No: IPD-20/13/14

> Biofuel at Donnybrook Road-Quote No: IPD-20/13/14

> Biomass power plant-Quote No: COMM-57/12/13

Bulwer and Creighton Asphalt Surfacing roads-Quote No:IPD-37/13/14

> Compilation of Ingwe Newsletter-Quote No:CORP-43/13/14

> Catering Services for Council Meeting-Quote No:MM-2013/2014

> Cleaning Material-Quote No:CORP-07/13/14

> Cleaning of vegetation on Cape Natal  branch line-Quote No:COMM-68/13/14

> Compilation of Financial Statements-Quote No:IPD-125/2013/2014

> Compilation of HR Strategy and Qualification Verification-Quote No:027/14/15

> Compilation of Infrastructure-Quote No:IPD-47/13/14

> Construction of Wood Sports Field-Quote No:IPD-23/13/14

> Construction of Bulwer Access Road-Quote No:IPD-94/13/14

> Construction of Horse Racing-Quote No:IPD-43/13/14

> Construction of Mlindeli Sports Field-Quote No:IPD-59/13/14

> Construction of Ntabamanzi Access Road-Quote No:IPD-106/13/14

> Construction of Phungula Gravel Road-Quote No:33/12/13

>Construction of seaford gravel road-Quote No:IPD-34/13/14

>Construction of Voyizane community sport field-Quote No:IPD-14/13/14

>Consultant for construction of community Hall projects-Quote-IPD-116/13/14

>Consultant for construction of fixed asset register-Quote No:BTO-77/12/13

>Consultant for construction of access road-Quote No:IPD-98/13/14

>Consulting for access roads-Quote No:IPD-80/12/13

>Consulting services for access roads-Quote No:IPD-81/12/13

>Conversion and restoration of Ancillary cottage-Quote No:IPD-55/13/14

>CPMD training-Quote No:MM-76/12/13

>CPMD training-Quote No:CORP-18/13/14

>Design and training of Annual report-Quote No:BTO-61/12/13

>Design,supply and delivery of calenders-Quote No:MM-55/12/13

>Development and workshopping of policies-Quote No:CORP-38/2012/2013

>Development of infrastructural maintainance plan-Quote No:IPD-73/13/14

>Development of PMS related matters-Quote No:MM-122/13/14

>Development of satisfactory survey-Quote No:MM-105/13/14

>Electrification for Mpumulwane and kilmon-Quote No:IPD-118/13/14

>Electrification of Butho-Quote No:IPD-92/13/14

>Electrification of deepdale, Dayisa and vulinngqondo-Quote No:IPD-93/13/14 

>Supply and delivery of renovation of hall-Quote No:IPD-54/13/14

>House dwelling-Quote No:CORP-11/13/14

>Supply and delivery of 3 vehicles-Quote No:MM-79/13/14

>Construction of Nkwezela Community hall-Quote No:35/13/14

>Construction of Mandawe access road-Quote No:32/13/14

>Supply and Install Steel Palisade Fencing-Quote No:36/13/14

>Construction of greater sizananjani-Quote No:IPD-92/13/14

>Construction of Solokohlo, Magwababani and Bhidla-Quote No:IPD-91/13/14

>Environmental consultant preparing EIA -Quote No: IPD-42/13/14

>Facilitator of supply chain -Quote No: BTO-79/12/13

>Fencing for LOT 67 -Quote No: IPD-17/13/14

>Fencing for LOT 68 -Quote No: 

>Fencing of Bulwer dump site -Quote No: IPD-57/13/14

>Formulation and workshopping of by-laws -Quote No: MM-68/13/14

>Gravelling Bhidla access road -Quote :IPD-31/13/14

>Hiring of Grader -Quote : IPD-117/2013/2014

>House Dwelling -Quote No: CORP-21/2012/2013

>IT Consultant -Quote No: CORP-29/2012/2013

>Magqubeni community hall -Quote No:IPD-70/12/13

>Masamini community hall -Quote No: IPD-62/12/13

>Material for Mbhodleni community projects -Quote No: COMM-78/12/13

>Partitioning of reception -Quote : IPD-03/13/14

>Piggers cottage -Quote No: COMM 63/12/13

>Printing of brochure for Gerald -Quote No: COMM 59/2012/2013

>Proposal for development of strategy and implementation plan -Quote No: COMM-83/13/14

>Provision for stationary -Quote No: CORP-05/13/14

>Provision of advertising service -Quote No: CORP-119/13/14

>Renovation of Bethlehema community hall -Quote No:IPD-65/13/14

>Renovation of community hall -Quote No: IPD-54/13/14

>Renovation of khukhulela community hall -Quote No: IPD-63/13/14

>Renovation Ncwadi community hall IPD -Quote No: IPD-60/13/14

>Renovation of Nkelebantwana community hall -Quote No: IPD-61/13/14

>Renovation of Nomandlovu community hall -Quote No:IPD-67/13/14

>Renovation of Ntakama community hall -Quote No: IPD-66/13/14

>Repairs and maintainance for outdoor machinery -Quote No: IPD-32/12/13

>Renovation of Gqumeni comm hall -Quote No: IPD-62/13/14

>Security services -Quote No: CORP-04/13/14

>Service provider to provide security services -Quote No: MM-123/13/14

>Service provider to register 30 co-operatives -Quote No: COMM-102/13/14

>Service required for car wash for Ingwe vehicle -Quote No: CORP-96/13/14

>Special risk insurance cover -Quote No: MM-114/13/14

>Supply and delivery 8 ipads -Quote No: CORP-78/13/14

>Supply and delivery for 3 laptops -Quote No: IPD-48/13/14

>Supply and delivery of 3 vehicles -Quote No: 22/13/14

>Supply and delivery of 4 laptops -Quote No: BTO-38/13/14

>Supply and delivery of airconditioner -Quote No: 12/13/14

>Supply and delivery of building material -Quote No: 16/2013/2014

>Supply and delivery of airconditioner -Quote No:IPD 2013/2014

>Traffic offices -Quote No: IPD-19/13/14

>Training of CLLRS for computer skills -Quote No: CORP-74/12/13

>Training ward committee in the municipal process -Quote No: COMM 25/13/14

>Travel agent -Quote No: CORP-120/13/14

>Uniform for ward committee -Quote No: MM-28/13/14










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